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Instructions for Minicasks, Minipins & Polypins

Small Pack Type


Best Before (unopened and chilled)

Once Opened (chilled)


Cool (<15°C)

28 days from purchase

5 days

Minipins & Polypins

Cool & Dry (<15°C)

7 days from purchase

2-3 days

Pins & Firkins

Cool (10-15°C)

7 days from purchase

2-3 days

Cans & Bottles Cool (6-10°C - chill in fridge) See base of can or bottle label Drink immediately!

Serving Instructions

  • Place in a cool place (10-15°C or chill in fridge).
  • Beer is ready to serve, no need to settle.
  • Vent the minicask by turning the red tab on the top anti-clockwise a 1/4 turn from ‘0’ to ‘1’.
  • Withdraw tap at base by pulling down on tab & pulling tap out.  To serve, turn the tap ¼ turn anti-clockwise.  Discard the first ¼ pint. 

Between servings close vent to allow beer to build up more condition.  Resist the temptation to tilt the minicask – the beer will not come out any faster.

Minipins & Polypins:

  • Store in a cool, dry place at 10-15°C.
  • Place box in upright position with perforated tab facing up.
  • Carefully open perforated tab & withdraw tap.  If present, remove perforated security strip.
  • Vent any excess pressure whilst in upright position before turning into serving position (on it’s side) with tap at the front.
  • The beer should not be stored for more 7 days without use or carbon dioxide produced by the yeast will expand causing box to bulge – this must be vented as above.
  • Beer is ready to serve immediately.
  • Elevate rear of box an inch to aid dispense.


                Minicasks                                                Minipins & Polypins