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Hana Imperial Pilsner 440ml can

Hana Imperial Pilsner 440ml can

Brand: Hana Imperial Pilsner
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The world’s first ever blond lager, now known as Pilsner, was brewed by Josef Groll with Haná malt from the Haná valley in Czech Moravia. 177 years later, we have been fortunate to secure enough of this rare malt to brew this Imperial Pilsner in memory of the ‘Father of Lager’, Josef Groll.

Using a proprietary method we have been able to reduce the gluten content of this beer to less than the WHO's Codex Alimentarius determined level of 20 ppm or less of gluten. To check the test certificate for your current batch of this beer please click here.

Same Beer - No Gluten


Allergens: Barley


Cyclops Tasting Notes
Bitterness 3 out of 5
Sweetness 3.5 out of 5
Malt Haná Floor Malted Pilsner Malt, Vienna, Dextrin, Carabohemian
Hops Žatec, Kazbek
Technical Specifications
IBUs 40
Colour 13
ABV 7.5%

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