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Greensand Wealden Rum 50cl

Greensand Wealden Rum 50cl

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Our Rum is delicate and smooth with a floral nose, giving way to subtle honeycomb and roast cobnuts on the palate. A long finish with raisin and oak in the finish and a sweet, full mouthfeel. 

If you think you know Rum, or it's not been your spirit, ours is one to try. We're not trying to copy existing rum styles, and ours is certainly no sugared and aggressively spiced rum. Expect something ridiculously smooth, with a sweet character and no harshness. It's a complex spirit with a sophistication characteristic of all our releases.

The inspiration to create a Rum followed our ethic of using surplus produce as much as possible, in line with our environmental practices.  As with all our spirits, we make our Rum with 100% renewable power and no chemicals.


Our perfect serve is in a highball glass with plenty of ice, and a premium and slightly tart apple juice. Try 50ml of spirit and 75ml of apple juice. Add a sprig of mint to garnish.  Or for a richer long cocktail pair with Ginger Ale (not ginger beer) and a wedge of lime.  For classic serves try a Mojito with apple juice instead of soda, and a daiquiri if you want to be a hero for the evening.


Our golden Rum is made in-house from scratch, using the surplus molasses from sugar production. This is different from most Rums which are often cheap, poor quality Carribean rum with sugar and spices added to create an intensity of flavour to mask the spirit.

Because we have control of the entire process from fermentation, distillation, cask ageing, blending and bottling, we have created a beautifully smooth spirit which is a classic Rum, but with a honey-like delicacy which we associate with the aromas of the Weald.


ABV: 40% Vol. 50cl


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